Made in Belgium

In the beginning, there was an insignificant piece of land, a small flat area in a landscape so vast that it looked uninhabited: a region to explore and discover, a country to conquer.

Some men gathered together, bringing with them their cultures and their differences. Over the years, Walloons, Flemish and people from Brussels attempted living together since one does not grow alone, but with the help of others.

The winds of reform to “improve everybody’s condition” blew repeatedly over the “Belgian” shell until one day it found itself almost emptied of its very essence, and the Belgian people stood alone, facing endless issues about their identity.

From a very simple tiny land to a rather complex and continuously evolving structure; from a sweet black and white cliché to a slightly sinister photography; this is the evolutionary story of this country.

But Belgium is also a proud nation. Its strong people are always ready to stand back up.

Whatever happens, the country always remains on its feet, unwavering. It gets stronger by overcoming obstacles.

Belgium… that mood; that tormented atmosphere.

That beautiful poetry; that source of artistic inspiration that breaks down the barriers of prejudice and discrimination.